March 09, 2014

Cherry Cheesecake.

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My Dad doesn't really have a sweet tooth apart from a couple of exceptions, apple tart and cheesecake. seeing as recently I made about three to pile into the freezer, I felt a bit apple tarted out so Mum and I decided to go for one of Mary Berry's baked cheese cakes.

We were making it all a bit bleary eyed this morning so i'm afraid I don't have photos of the process but you can find the recipe in Mary Berry's Baking Bible.

After a stomp through the countryside, and lunch at a favourite restaurant of my Dad's we headed back home to our cheesecake.
With a generous dusting of icing sugar and then piling it high with cherries, (a bit out of season, but my dad's favourite!) we tucked in.

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  1. This looks gorgeous, Hannah! I love those gleaming cherries on top...


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