February 10, 2014

Greek Musings

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Every year I go to Greece, for the last ten years it has been my holiday go to with family and friends. There is something delightfully comforting about the smell when you step off the plane, the food, the sunsets, the beaches and the culture.
I am due to go for a short Easter break in a few weeks but I couldn't resist digging out a few snaps from the last adventure just to start dreaming about summer.

This boat is just beautiful, and look at those clear waters. 

Greek salad at its best. Chunks of tomato, cucumber, pepper and red onion with a monstrous slab of feta... oooo so delicious. 

A beautiful lunchtime view on the island of Hydra. 

The view as you walk back from the lunch spot above. Just look at that blue sea. 

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