March 04, 2014

Happy Pancakes!

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Pancake day is upon us! Pancakes are, hands down my favourite breakfast food. I only treat myself to them occasionally but am then riddled with the guilt of, 'I have eaten a whole stack of thick pancakes to myself and it isn't even pancake day'. well, none of that today! pancakes as I please when I please!

Pancake day is one of the most hotly anticipated days of the year, well in our house anyway. When I was little we would always have a pancake supper but pancakes at breakfast have now become tradition. We all talk about what we will try to give up for lent and eat hot sugary pancakes to our hearts content.

When I was at University, pancake day didn't always have the rhythm it had at home, no one really knew how to make them properly and getting everyone organised used to be a nightmare. Home is a different story, everyone up early for pancakes, ingredients set out for the night before and two pans on the go at once.

They are super easy to make and just as easy to devour!

For 7 traditional pancakes you will need..

4oz Flour
2 Eggs
7 fl oz Milk
2 Tablespoons of melted butter

Sift your flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle and crack in your two eggs. 

Then whisk in your milk, this will take a bit of arm power as you want to whisk out all the lumps. 

Then once your pan is hot and you are ready to go, add two tablespoons of melted butter to your mixture and whisk together..

Then ladle into your pan half a ladle full of mixture and swirl it around until the bottom of your pan is covered, let your pancake cook. This will take a couple of minutes and then you can flip or gently turn your pancake over to cook the other side until it looks nice and golden...

 Then, if your feeling traditional, get your lemon and sugar ready.. or whatever takes your fancy. If your giving up chocolate for lent you could really go all out with chocolate spread on yours.

This year I went for lemon and sugar..

 and a dash of maple syrup!

Happy Pancakes! 

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