February 25, 2014

Pancakes at BC

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The breakfast club is a fairly new venture. I know I am probably way out of touch but it is, hands down, the best place for a huge pile of pancakes, smothered in fresh berries. I am a fairly experienced pancake tester and these went straight to the top.

The Breakfast Club have several restaurants/cafes all over london and are extremely popular at the weekend, people queue for hours, and that is no exaggeration. As I got to the door and the queue, fairly small (apparently) but still out of the door seemed to be a good gauge as to whether this place is worth the wait, certainly everyone else seemed to think so!

A creamy latte first, which was washed down fairly quickly before the main event!

The most amazing and most delicious brunch dish I have ever been faced with...

The Breakfast Club is a must go to. Look up where your nearest one is here.

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