March 11, 2014

Sensing Spaces at the RA

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Today I popped over to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Sensing Spaces exhibition. It's a really great exhibition where your idea of space and sensing space is questioned: what makes a space enjoyable and what we consider a good space today. In one room they had wi-fi which enabled you to 'connect' in your space and therefore sense beyond the cavernous exhibition space you are in. 

The next room (below) enabled you to explore the space, wooden boxes surrounded you, which you could sit on and engage further with the space from an alternative angle.  

The three towered building at the end of the room you could actually walk up and become enclosed in an area which reflected the space of the building you were in. This had quite a good effect as your forgot you were in a gallery, normally a place where exploration is limited and could explore 'art' in a new way (for me anyway!)

Moving on from this room was the straw room - a totally interactive and engaging room where straws were provided and you could participate in the space's formation and aesthetic. This was a fun room and totally engaging in a completely different way from the spiral stairs you just explored and climbed in the previous room. 

This alternative concrete doorway, as the sole object in the next room, made you more aware of the space you were standing in and ultimately the doorways leading from room to room. 

This room was in total darkness apart from the small lights lighting up these thin spirals of bamboo.

This room was set out in a series of passage ways, all lined with wood, like a rabbit warren and completely different from the other spaces encountered at the exhibition. 

After a rather exhausting trip around the exhibition, what with climbing stairs and making straw structures, it was time for a well deserved coffee in Fortnum & Mason's. Just delicious and the perfect fuel to then ooooh and ahhh at all the easter eggs and delicious foods surrounding us!

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