March 27, 2014

The Boat That Rocked

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Feeling more than a little well fed after a decadent brunch I headed back through the wind and by this time, spattering rain, to the hotel, made a large tea and read my book for a an hour, in the hope that the rain would subside and the sun would come out. 

I gave it an hour, with the sun hidden behind thick cloud, and refusing to show itself,  I ventured out into the overcast drizzle to get the little ferry over to Rock just across the marina. 

The view from Padstow over to Rock. (with more than its fair share of gloomy clouds over head)

The Black Tor ferry. 

Once reaching the other side, and while the rain had stopped, I decided to make the most of it and go for a little wander down the beach.
Long, sandy and deserted, the perfect place to gather thoughts and start thinking about lunch!

After a wander down the beach I headed back to the 'town' I passed a couple of cafes and shops in the harbour and thought 'there must be a high street of some kind... a couple more shops' I walked on past with not much luck, with the weather not being in my favour I escaped back into the Blue Tomato. 

A cute little cafe/restaurant and the perfect respite from the wind and rain. Only really wanting something small for lunch (as tonight we are eating at Rick Stein's seafood restaurant, extremely exciting, but more of that later) I went for the Chicken Satay... 

Served with a creamy peanut dip and a crispy, peppery side salad.

washing it all down with an Oreo Milkshake as an afternoon treat!

A little adventure across the shore.

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