March 30, 2014

The Seafood Restaurant.

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For our last night in Padstow we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Rick Stein's restaurant. 

We kicked off with salmon sashimi, served with a sticky soy sauce and wasabi for some heat...

all washed down with ice cool, cucumber crisp, Gin & Tonics.

Once seated at our table we were brought the bread basket, with parmesan and truffle butter to spread (divine!). 

After demolishing the bread basket in seconds we set about deliberating what to have to start and to follow...
A mixed seafood broth made the cut, flavoured with chilli and coriander, filled with the freshest seafood, mussels, crab and scallops.

Followed by this monstrosity... 

Rick Stein's Singapore stir-fried crab. You are prepped with various tools and tongs and whilst you get yourself safely tucked in with several napkins your piled high bowl of fresh crab arrives. Its a messy business and you will be at it for a while, but really worth the work. 
(Rick Stein did saunter past at the most inelegant moment, covered in crab and tools in both hands.) 

And for dessert, chocolate fondant. Just the perfect treat to share after a decadent last meal at Rick's.

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