April 07, 2014

Busaba at Bicester

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The other day I decided to pop over to Bicester Village for a spring time snoot. Having been a few times in the past, but never really found anything worth while, and since, hearing friends raving about the place, I felt determined to find something worth while.

I decided to go into every shop I fancied - that included Valentino - with dresses starting at £1500 up to 30,000 this was just a 'yeah why not, they look beautiful lets have a nose!' and 'if i want to find a bargain, no stone can go unturned.' 

This wandering and determination built up quite an appetite. With the sun coming out, the main thoroughfare was getting fairly busy.

Earlier I had spied a little Thai place around the corner out of the way were we could hopefully re fuel in some relative peace and quiet. 

Busaba Eathai is a Thai chain. All their other restaurants however are all in London so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this one a little nearer to home. 

We began our Bicester Thai experience with two delicious drinks. Mum went for Nam Polamai - a blended concoction of carrot, apple, celery, dandelion and nettle extract. 

Mine was so delicious I had drunk half of it before I realised I hadn't got a photo. Vita coconut water with lychee juice.

 I was a bit dubious at first about the coconut water. I find that on its own its a bit of a struggle to drink, and smells a lot worse than it tastes and this just exacerbates the difficulty of drinking it. 

 But... not with this delicious addition of lychee juice - an addictive potion, and you still get all the hydrating goodness of the coconut water, its just disguised!

To start we went for Thai Calamari with ginger and peppercorn. Crispy and a generous portion for two.

and Pandan Chicken. Garlic and root fried with succulent chicken pieces, then wrapped safely up in Pandan leaves. 

For mains we both went for the Char-grilled Duck. Sliced duck breast on a bed of Chinese broccoli and tamarind sauce. Having spied the hot chilli sauce as soon as we sat down, it wasn't long untill my plate was covered with a good layer of hot sauce.

A great re-fuel before getting back to discount hunting.

I was not disappointed, once I got down to some affordable snooting. Smythson had some great, springtime purses with 75% off. Tod's some beautiful driving shoes with over £100 off and Burberry some of the last classic trench coats at £250 off.

I can now finally jump on the Bicester band wagon!

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