April 22, 2014

Coffee on the Roof.

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The Ashmolean is a place of wonder and mystery. As you walk through the temple style entrance with  Doric columns towering over head and wander up the sculpture hall you become immersed in history and can easily get lost.
Once you reach the end of the corridor you are met with several different walkways all as enticing as each other. A few days ago we found ourselves wandering through the Italian Renaissance room and onto the Impressionists. A pleasant surprise as I had never really wandered deep enough to come across these rooms before. After a good soak in culture it was time for coffee. 

It is a bit of maze to get out of but once you know where you are head up to the fourth floor to the restaurant and terrace. A beautifully light large restaurant. 

Seeing as the sun was shining, we decided to forgo the comfiest looking chairs to soak up some spring time rays. 

A perfectly frothy cappuccino.

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