April 09, 2014

Mini Asparagus Tarts

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During Spring I like to make all sorts of recipes using ingredients that are just coming into season. Asparagus is coming into its height right now and it a delicious ingredient for soups, tarts, fish pie etc.  I decided to make up a few of these mini tarts to pop in the freezer for a spontaneous spring picnic or as a lifesaver for a last minute lunch. 

For the pastry you will need... (this makes enough for tarts and leaves some spare for leftovers.)
4oz butter
8oz plain flour
a splash of cold water (just until your mixture turns to dough)

For the filling..
A good handful of chopped asparagus 
2oz grated cheddar cheese
1 tbsp grated parmesan 
2 large eggs
300ml (small carton) single cream
salt & pepper.

Once your pastry has formed a nice dough, lightly role it out and then get to work lining your tins. 

Then chop your raw asparagus to fit into your tart tins. this is a little easier raw, no chance of burning your fingers, or the asparagus disintegrating. 

Then blanch your asparagus. the easier way to do this is to boil the kettle and then place your chopped spears into the boiling water for around 3 -5 minutes. then they should just be tender. 

Leave them to once side while you make your filling. Mix your single cream, eggs, salt, pepper and cheese until melted and nicely cooked. Then pour into your asparagus filled cases.

 Be sure not to fill them too much otherwise your mixture will bubble over when they cook. 

Once they are looking golden and are cooked through take them out of the oven and leave them to cool in their cases.

Once cool enough to touch take out of their cases and serve.

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