April 01, 2014

Monday Morning at Gee's

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This morning I had to pop into Oxford to run a few errands, but before I started I decided to pop into Gee's for a latte. 

It is a great cafe/restaurant, in a quiet area of Oxford, opposite the Pitt Rivers if you know Oxford well. You walk inside, through what looks like a very comfortable and welcoming greenhouse and into a large conservatory. Decorated with large olive trees around the room and divided into two significant spaces. 

We sat in the more relaxed, squishy comfy end, whist a few other, important looking people sat in the more formal end. 
Wonderfully light and airy, full of fresh herbs and big bunches of flowers and of course the olive trees towering over head. 

ordering a latte. I was pleasantly surprised with my monday morning treat that is complementary and comes with all coffees, a mini glass full of the softest deep fried, sugar coated dough sticks.
The perfect sugar rush to wake you up on a Monday morning!

The banana bread also sounded extremely tempting so we got a portion of that too. 

The perfect place for a coffee or lunch or dinner. Ticks all the boxes, and a great space to gather thoughts and relax

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