April 02, 2014

Mont D'or

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This is delicious, seasonal French cheese. Available during the winter season from September to March it is just coming to the end of its season. It is like a camembert but stronger and more flavoursome (also more mouldy!).

Its easy to prepare, remove its sleeve and lid,  stick in some garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs and cover the cheese with some white wine, which as it cooks, melts and mixes with the cheese to make the most divine concoction.

Tear apart a garlic bulb and place next to your mont d'or on a baking tray, as it roasts it softens and becomes delightfully gooey that can then be spread onto your toast or cracker with the melted Mont D'or.


A seasonal spring time treat - get the last ones before they are all gone until next winter!

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