April 27, 2014

Shellfish Saturday Suppers

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Saturday nights are really nights for mooching, well they are for me anyway. Settle down in front of the fire in the winter, or outside in the evening warmth in the summer and cook up a simple storm in the kitchen (or on the BBQ!)

This saturday I popped by my local supermarket and picked up some fresh giant prawns and a few king scallops for an easy night in.

Once home I melted good chunk of  butter, smashed a couple of garlic cloves into the butter and let it cook until the garlic was turning golden. Next place all the prawns into the sizzling butter and cook for   a few minutes.

Cook the prawns until they turn colour, a soft coral pink should be a good indicator that they are done. 

Serve up and enjoy with a big class of wine! A perfect saturday night in. 

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