May 13, 2014

A catch up at Gee's

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Gee's is one of my favourite places to go to near home. I have blogged about it before. A friend was coming to stay for the weekend for a break from hectic London so I though there would be no better place to go to have a good catch up over some prosecco and good food. 
They also have a great lunch time offer of two courses for £13. 

It was a typical spring to summer day with pouring rain one minute and glorious sunshine the next. To our delight we just missed the rain... it clouded over and started to pour as we took our seats in the cosy end of the greenhouse style restaurant, but didn't upset the beautiful light setting of the space. 

After a good look around and a good photograph, it was time to choose some food...

With the help of some Prosecco!

Cesca went for the Spring Greens Linguine, creamy, lemony and deliciously fresh.

While I went for the burger, having been so impressed last time I couldn't resist. 

For pudding we both went for the pane cotta with honeycomb (I had a go at making this delicious stuff myself a while ago) meringues and freeze dried raspberries. The most decadent pane cotta I have ever eaten, just deliciously smooth and creamy and speckled with vanilla seeds. 

Having been to this place (and blogged about) it rather a lot recently this will be (has to be!) my last Gee's review for a while! I am up in York next week so will share some other foodie adventures from the North. 

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