May 15, 2014

Chilli Chocolate Shots

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These Chilli Chocolate shots are quick and easy but never fail to impress at a dinner party. You can use any small glass or espresso cup to dress them up and make them look elegant and no one needs to know they are truly the simplest things to make. 

To make 7 generous shots, or 8 slightly smaller ones you will need..

250g Chocolate. I used 200 milk and 50 dark. 
a good shake of chilli flakes 
400ml double cream.

A chopped chilli and cocoa powder for decoration. 

First warm up your cream and then break in all of your chocolate. Allow to melt and combine together, then add your chilli flakes and pour into your chosen glass or mug and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. 

Once set, sprinkle some cocoa powder over each one and add some chopped chilli for effect and decoration. 

I used glasses for four of mine and then tried out three espresso mugs for the rest. Using the mugs made the dish quite fun and relaxed and the others I chose to serve in glasses smartened up the meal.

 A great way of dressing up or down a course depending on who is coming for dinner!

Also a sneaky way of serving the last course of a meal as they could be mistaken for an espresso shot. 

Try them out, unbelievable quick and hassle free.

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