May 07, 2014

Green superfood sorbet

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I love greens - I like steaming them, frying them with some butter and garlic and coating them with gravy with a Sunday roast. I also enjoy rare steak, stilton and cake, so lets not fool ourselves that I am a green foodie, I am not, I just like them and know they are good for me. I know however that lots of people don't, especially littlies. So I decided to have a go at making a superfood, green, healthy but sweet breakfast/mid-morning/afternoon or pudding or snack ice cream. It can be enjoyed by everyone.

So far, on this blog, I have focused on pretty tasty recipes, but with little regard for daily fruit and veg intake.

But I have been inspired by my newest cookery book, a prefect birthday present, Honestly Healthy for Life. The book changes the way you look at food by really going into detail about what you are eating, why you are eating it and what you can change about your eating habits to really get the best out of your food. It focuses on getting as much alkaline into your diet and minimising the amount of acid that is often sneakily disguised in your morning latte or evening steak.

As I looked down the very detailed table of what is more acidic right the way up to what is really, really alkaline I discovered that most of the delicious food we eat and enjoy on a daily basis is packed full of acid. This includes your daily latte, chicken and dairy products, along with a lot of other delicious foods.

I'm not about to start preaching about changing your whole diet to become solely alkaline focused but it is an interesting take on how food can affect our bodies and, if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, fatigue or dry skin its a good first port of call to start addressing if your diet has anything to do with it.

Anyhow on to the fun stuff...

For a batch of superfood ice cream to last a week you will need

Two handfuls of Spinach, really really alkaline on the Honestly Healthy for Life scale.

A good chunk of Ginger, really alkaline..

Lime juice and zest, really alkaline..

Coconut milk, alkaline..

Kiwis, (naughty but delicious) less alkaline.

Put everything, apart from your crushed pecans into an blender and blitz until smooth.

Then transfer into a tupperwear box and fold in your crushed pecans. (other protein rich alkaline nuts are almonds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts or pistachios)

Place the finished product into the freezer to set and then you have a superfood green ice cream to enjoy at anytime of the day.

Sprinkle with extra nuts and some pomegranate seeds for a nice finish.

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