June 27, 2014

Broad Bean Truffle Pasta

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This dish is a real treat - its also very easy and very tasty. Yesterday afternoon I harvested the first of the broad beans and after spending a good half an hour in the sunshine on a rug peeling them I got thinking to how to eat them. When they are young and fresh you don't want to do much to them, just add some complimenting flavours and a little olive oil. 

We decided to use some left over smoked garlic from the Crostini, some Truffle pasta found at a local deli that is extremely tasty and some salty prosciutto fried until crisp. 

They look so fresh and almost ready to eat when they are freshly picked. 

Simply throw your pasta into a pan of boiling water, for a few minutes, melt some butter and smoked garlic and fry your prosciutto in and put the bean in a pan on boiling water for about 2 minutes just to warm through. 

Throw it all together into a pan and then serve. Simple but special with the slightly unusual additions of smoked garlic and truffle pasta, eat bite

Great for an easy pasta supper that you don't want to slave over for hours but still want to impress!

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