June 01, 2014

Hidden Raspberry (rustic) Chocolate Tart

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This is a favourite tart. Delightfully moreish and not something one should eat daily but when the occasion is right it really is a perfect dessert. I add the raspberries really so that there is something good in there not just quantities of chocolate and cream! but also you can mix up a rich raspberry coulis to go with this tart that brings out the hidden raspberry pieces too.

It is painfully simple yet always impresses when you have to bring a dish along to dinner party or if you forgot a dessert and only had a limited amount of time to produce a dish you wont be disappointed with.

For a 9in tart you will need

a ready role sheet of shortcrust   (this is a real cheat, but perfectly acceptable when you are in a hurry, and pretty hard to decipher from the real thing once cooked! If you have the time, make up your own short crust, have a look here and here)
4 bars of good quality chocolate
400ml double cream
a packet of raspberries

First, role out your pastry, and lay it over your tin...

Next cut it to shape, prick the bottom with a fork and blind bake it for 10 minutes with baking beans and a further five without. 

I always freeze my raspberries as i find they can then last for days and you never end up throwing mouldy ones in the bin after a day or two. I used a couple of handfuls and broke them apart, surprisingly easy once they have been frozen and wonderfully satisfying!

Next set about making your filling. Put your cream into a pan and bring to the boil, just. Add your broken pieces of chocolate and turn off the heat. Stir together until all the chocolate has melted.

 Next pour your chocolate mixture into your baked tart case...

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