June 05, 2014

Meat Market

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There is nothing I like more than a good burger, and even better if, instead of beef it is deep fried, deliciously battered chicken. (fried chicken is one of my downfalls) The other night, after a long day all I wanted was some some good street food that would satisfy the biggest craving for deep fried goodness. A friend knew just the place and I had my first experience of Meat Market

It is situated just off Covent Garden, up some stairs and along a corridor of a fairly unsuspecting building but once you are inside, can smell the food, have a glance at the menu, all manner of hunger pangs hit you and you know you are in the perfect place for a good meal. 

Everything is written/spray painted on the wall...

and big luminous signs direct you where to order and pick up.

You sit on benches and when your face becomes covered in sauce you rip off some communal kitchen towel like you are all at one funky picnic. 

When your order is ready your name is shouted over the tannoy and you go out to the counter and take your tray piled high with paper wrapped goodies..

Unwrap, rip apart and tuck in! My friend went for a pepper dog.. as delicious as it looked and we shared the crispiest skinny fries.

While I went for the dirty chicken burger. Any fried chicken lovers dream.

Find them here, a really great little hideaway, a must visit for a great burger or dog. 

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