June 20, 2014

Summer Berry Tartlet

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When I was little on the way back from school Mum and I used to find ourselves staring longingly into the local bakery window at the strawberry tarts.

The bright red strawberries, glazed in sticky jam, sitting proudly in their tart cases would stand out from all the bread and buns they surrounded and temp us every time.

With the abundance of summer berries at the moment with this glorious sunshine I decided to have a go a strawberry tart with a little bit of difference.

This is a delicious summer evening treat. Role your pastry out thinly (the thinner the better really as you then get a crisp and lighter finished selection of tarts to treat your guests with and they wont be tummy rubbing and feeling over full by the end.

The secret in this tart is the crème pat alternative. Instead of making a sweet often sickly custard to fill these summer tarts I mixed Total Greek yogurt with cinnamon and some Greek honey. This makes the filling light but still very tasty and with a hint of sweetness from the honey added in.

To make four tarts you will need…

4oz plain flour
2oz butter
2tbps water
5tpbs Greek yogurt
shake of cinnamon
2 tsp honey

Start by making and blind baking your tarts. Mix your butter and flour together until they form crumbs, and your water a little at a time until it forms a dough. Flour a clean work surface, role out, cut to shape and place in your tart tins.

Prick each case with a fork all over the base and then place in baking parchment and baking beans or rice if you have no beans (the rice must be discarded after use – or only used for blind baking)

Bake for 10 minutes with the beans/rice in and then a further 5 with the beans/rice removed.

Next mix up your yogurt, cinnamon and honey and prepare your strawberries and blueberries.

Fill each case half full with the yogurt mixture and then pile high with your berries. 

Drizzle over some honey, or sprinkle with icing sugar and serve!

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