July 09, 2014

Summer Berry Pie

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This is quick and easy summer pudding. You can whip it up in a hour and have it ready and cooling before friends arrive. 

For this tasty summer pie you will need...

(if you want to cheat like I did!) 1 packet of ready roll short crust

1 1/2lb freshly picked (or bought!) blackcurrants 
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbps plain flour 

Start by rolling out your pastry to fit into your tart tin. I used a 9in, loose bottom flan tin. You will have spare around the edges, don't worry about that, it will come in handy later. 

Mix up your currants, flour and sugar in a mixing bowl...

and then start to place the fruit mixture into your pastry lined tin. 

Trim all your excess pastry off until you have a neat edge. 

Roll out your left over pastry for the top. If you fancy, as I did you can use a lattice cutter or you can just roll and place strips of pastry on top until you have a fancy looking pie lid! Brush with a little beaten egg which makes a nice golden finish. 

Bake in the over for 25 minutes at 180C until golden and bubbling and then leave to cool before enjoying with some frozen yogurt or ice cream! 

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