August 16, 2014

Bikes & Rijks...

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After waking up with achy legs and a jam packed day of exploring ahead we thought we needed to join the rest of the city and hire bikes for the day. A more than worth while decision and before we knew it we were flying all over the city and able to explore every inch with ease. 

My fancy toy for the day...

Once we had got the hang of the brakes and the one way streets (learned the hard way and soon realised that one side of the canal is one way traffic - important tip if you are ever hiring bikes out there!) we headed over to the Rijksmuseum. A beautiful building that has been being renovated for the past few years having a major re-vamp, it only opened a couple of months ago so we were lucky enough to see it still shining and new. 

You walk (or cycle) through this large walkway, and if you have bikes go and safely deposit them through the back, near the park and then on into the museum itself...

Once inside it is beautifully light. You make your way through a huge marble arch and then on into the collection...

 You make you way though rooms and rooms of ships, (all to do with the VOC) and some of the most beautiful art on the walls.


Around the rooms these yellow post-its are positioned, they are a collaboration by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong. Attempting to make art accessible to everyone around the museum by bringing in situations and scenes, even emotions and feelings people can relate to and in turn connect or understand the work. I was a big fan of the idea and think they should be in every museum.

After a morning of culture is was time for a well earned coffee break and an afternoon of exploring the parks by bike.

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