August 25, 2014

Fig & Filo Tart

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Figs are one of my most favourite fruits.

At the moment in Greece it is the height of the fig season and they are in abundance everywhere. Every fruit stall you pass has plenty and the markets have them in the their thousands.

I thought I would start my Greek cooking with a crispy filo fig tart.
Simple delicious and using an all time favourite ingredients. 


For a simple medium sized tart you will need…

10 figs quartered
1 cup of ground almonds
4 sheets of filo pastry (ready made is fine as the process is extremely complicated and as the temperature was reaching 37 I decided to happily cheat)
75g butter
1 egg
75g caster sugar
Oil for brushing each layer of filo

Begin by washing and picking the best figs of the bunch. You want to carefully wash the figs as they are a pretty delicate fruit.

Then quarter each fig, they are such a beautiful colour inside and go perfectly with the plum purple and green skin (which it is perfectly ok to leave on and eat once the figs have been washed, however if you prefer you can peel the figs)

Next, prepare your tin. Oil well and then place a layer of filo inside, then oil the filo all over. You want the pastry to crumple all around the edges as you will use it later so do not worry about trimming that off yet.

Repeat this process, oil and layer, oil and layer until you have run out of filo. (oiling in between your layer of filo makes it crispy and very moreish)

Next make your almond mixture. Mix your almonds, sugar together in a blender and then add the egg and butter, blitz until you have a paste.

Spread a good layer of the mixture into the base of the tart (you will have a bit left over – this can be stored in the fridge for a few days and you can use it as bases for various other tarts) 

Next start to place your figs into the tin. I prefer pointy end up as I think that it prettiest but of course it is a matter of preference. 

Next trim the excess filo from around the edge and crumple to make a rustic edge.

Make sure the exposed filo is well oiled and bake in the oven at 200C for 25 minutes.

Dust with icing sugar and serve! A perfect August treat.

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