August 04, 2014

Tempura Calamari

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Calamari is one of my all time favourite foods. When I was little, holidaying in Greece with my family the table would never be without a big basket of the hot crispy calamari fresh from the sea. 

I wanted to  whip up a big basket for a summer evening BBQ and decided to cheat a little with some ready mixed tempura  batter you can buy here...

Mix with sparkling water (or if you are feeling naughty 200ml of larger) whisk furiously and set as aide while you wash and slice your calamari and thoroughly coat in flour.

Heat up a frying pan of oil , untill a cube of bread turns golden and bubbles...

Next dip your calamari rings in the batter and shallow fry. (Alway be careful when deep or shallow frying)

Once each ring has crisped up turn out onto some kitchen towel to drain and then pile high into a basket and serve with some crisp white wine. A delicious summer evening treat. 

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