September 25, 2014

Watermelons are a favourtie summertime fruit. In Greece you pass truckloads of these delicious fruits daily, being delivered to markets and to restaurants as after dinner refreshers.

This is a super simple drink and extremely easy yet impressive. You can mix it up by adding a slug of vodka for the adults and just keeping simple and plain for the kids.

For a big jug of goodness you need half a large watermelon, a blender, some funky straws (try these) and some large ice chilled glasses.

Cut your watermelon into large chunks and without moving the seeds blitz in a blender.

Then pass through a strainer to remove pips and extra pulp.

Pour into glasses (with or without the addition of alcohol!) and enjoy in the setting sun.

September 24, 2014

This ancient theatre is one site I always visit every time I am in Greece. Something about its completeness and skill I find quite eerie and always fascinating. 

Epidavros is situated on the mainland amongst the mountains of the Peloponnese surrounded by delicious smelling pine trees. 

Arrive early in the summer months, you want to be able to take in the beauty of this site without the rush of coach parties that descend from 10am onwards. The earlier you are the more likely you will end up having the theatre more or less to yourself. 

The most notable thing about this theatre, apart from its astonishing completeness given its age are its acoustics  As a result it is still used today as a working theatre and many touring shows stop by to perform in the historic surroundings

You sit on warm stone seats as night falls around you and the stars make an incredible backdrop. 

Once you have taken in the beauty from below, carefully climb the stone stairs to take in the view...

The ruins around the site are just as fascinating and with ongoing restoration taking place you can start to imagine the enormity of this ancient town. 

The near by city of Nafplio is a must when you are visiting Epidavros. A picturesque port town with an impressive Venetian fort towering over head. You can meander through the pretty streets and pick up some small fish and calamari as an afternoon treat. 

September 03, 2014

The other night we decided to hop skip over to a new beautiful local resort, Amanzoe for a cocktail or two. 

It is situated on a hill overlooking the pretty island of Spetses and seaside town of Porto Heli. 

At sunset it has the most beautiful, breathtaking views. 


After taking more than a few photos we setteled down to the cocktail menu...

I went for Athena which was a delicous mix of vodka, olive oil, cucumber, basil and sage liqueur. 

A savoury mix of olive oil and sweet basil that went well with the feta stuffed olives.


A beautiful evening treat.

Octopus is a dish enjoyed by the Greeks often served simply, grilled with just a little lemon juice and oil accompanying a glass of Ouzo around lunch time. 


Octopus served with pasta is an all time favourite when I am in Greece.

Fresh octopus are readily available in Greece at the correct size and weight (if you are doing this at home please make sure your octopus is not too small, you can check this with your fishmonger.)

First you will need to perpare your octopus, you can usally ask your fishmonger to do this, if you are not feeling quite so adventurous.

Next you will need to cook it. Place in a pan with a little white wine, just enough to cover the base (not too much as you want it to cook in its own juices) of the pot and cook for 45-50 minutes or untill tender. 

It will change colour and turn quite a rosie pink.

Next dice the cooked octopus into small chunks and set about cooking your pasta and making a marinade. 

Place 60g of spagetti per person into a pot and cook untill just tender (allow to boil for about 8 minutes)

Mix up the juice of two lemons, some fresh olive oil and some chopped parsely with a good shake of black pepper into your cooked pasta.

 Add the chopped octopus to the marinaded pasta and enjoy with a glass of cool white wine, or a glass of Ouzo, if you are feeling authentic!

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