October 02, 2014

Acropolis Museum

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This museum is really stunning. It stands out on the Athens skyline as a thing of modern beauty. 

It goes with out saying that this modern, new museum has since won countless awards for its innovative design. 

As you walk in you are greeted with polished concrete and glass encasing the surviving sculptures from the Acropolis.

Everything beautifully preserved and each exhibit given ample space to walk around and take in the incredible history of such a building.

As you make your way upstairs you cant help but notice the Acropolis towering overhead.

This aspect was very much incorporated into the design and into the outcome of the experience you get when visiting this landmark museum.

The top part of the museum is the most impressive. It is a walk around space that is measured accurately to the actual size and measurement of the Acropolis that towers overhead as you wander around. 

Even the missing parts, and the partial remains have been taken into account so you get a feel for the enormity and detail put into something so large. 

After you have had your fill of history have a coffee on the roof or go and explore some of the back streets of the city, some of the most picturesque are hidden down alleyways and need a bit of exploring to find the best hidden secrets!

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