October 23, 2014

Vanilla Pain Perdu

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French toast, or Pain Perdu as the French themselves like to call it, is a treat like no other. Pain Perdu's literal translation is 'lost bread' the idea that one would be using lost (or stale) bread. 

A pretty ingenious way to use up the weeks leftovers!

A similar concept to that of fondue, (again leftovers) except this sugar hit of a dish requires an extreme sweet tooth!

A delicious crispy yet gooey, sweet and sticky combination of fluffy brioche, soaked in a sweet vanilla egg mixture and then fried. 

Brioche goes against the 'lost bread' tradition but gives this dish a real luxurious edge. 

Not the healthiest of treats but a classic and one of the tastiest around.  

For four generous helpings of Pain Perdu you will need...

 a loaf of brioche (fresh or a couple of days older if you fancy being traditional!)
3 large eggs 
a tsp vanilla paste
2/3 cup milk. 
a dipping bowl
icing sugar and syrup to serve. 

Slice up the brioche thickly...

Crack your eggs into a bowl with the milk and vanilla paste and mix together.

Begin soaking your brioche.

Coat each side until heavy with the egg mixture.

Pile onto a plate ready for frying.

Cook for a few minutes on either side until golden...

Pile high, dust with icing sugar and if you are feeling especially indulgent...

Drizzle with maple syrup too. Of course add as much fruit or extras as you wish.

 Sometimes though it is perfect served just as it is. 

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