November 25, 2014

A Night at the Tramshed

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The Tramshed is a great restaurant over in the east of London in Shoreditch. It is the idea of Mark Hix with a simple sharing concept and the choices are chicken or beef. 

Both sourced organically, the chicken from Swainson House Farm in Lancashire and the beef,  Himalayan salt dry-aged steak, from hand selected cows.

 It's fairly inconspicuous from the outside but once you are over the threshold it is just mesmerizing. 

You walk into a huge barn and are greeted with a Damien Hirst work right in the centre; one of his controversial sculptures of a Cow and a Cockerel immersed in formaldehyde. 

Celebrating a best friend's birthday, we wanted the best of the best of the menu and went for the whole roast chicken with chips and stuffing. 

Once ordered we sat back and watched the waiters hurry around with plates piled with chicken and  platters scattered with steak. 

After ooing and aahing, it was our turn. 

Our chickens arrived, strung up by their feet, not the most elegant of presentations but perfect for carving off the succulent meat of a perfectly roasted chicken.

For 5 we shared two chickens and we were all pretty satisfied.

You then get to work, carving, tearing and sharing your chicken with mouthfuls of deliciously crispy chips and crumbling stuffing 

Once finished, lean back and marvel at the sculpture somewhere overhead. 

You can book tables here...

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