November 05, 2014

Wild Mushroom & Chicken Pate

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Once the leaves have turned and there is a really chill in the air, so much so that the sunshine fools you into thinking it is still warm and you venture outside only to be underdressed and cold, it is time for filling, comfort food. 

This time of year I long to be in France where you can forage through the forest for your pick of mushrooms (and after a quick trip to the pharmacy - in France any pharmacist will check your mushrooms are all edible) and get about cooking up a storm.

With all of this is mind, I decided this weekend to make an autumnal pate. 

A dish inspired by Michel Roux's Chicken Terrine but with the addition of wild mushrooms.

You will need an 8 inch earthenwear bowl or pyrex dish and...

20-25 rashers of streaky bacon ( I used smoked as I think it really adds flavour but you can use unsmoked if you prefer) 
3 chicken breasts sliced into medium strips 
180g chicken livers
100g shelled pistachios 
180g mince pork belly ( If this is too hard to get as I found, fatty mince pork from the butcher works just as well)
2 shallots finely chopped
3 sprigs of chopped fresh thyme.
a good shake of salt and pepper
200g wild mushrooms chopped

First gently fry up the mushrooms in some butter, this reduces a lot of the liquid they contain and makes them tasty. 

Next mix the livers, fatty pork, thyme, shallots, salt and pepper with the pistachios, once well mixed add in the mushrooms. 

Now get to work making up the pate. 

Get your dish you are going to cook in ( make sure it is a complete tin that doesn't have a loose bottom)

Line with your rashers of bacon, making sure you leave no gaps until it looks something like this...

Now start to pack in the filling. Put half of the liver and mushroom mixture in the bottom and then place the chicken strips on top.

Top with the rest of the liver mixture.

Now fold over the bacon, keeping it pulled tight.

This needs to be cooked in a bain-marie. Place the dish into a tin and half fill with boiling water and place into the oven at 180C.

Cook for 45mins-1 hour until when pricked in  the middle the juices run clear. Your bacon will go nice and crispy on top.

I then drained off the excess fat. 

Once cooled lift out onto a board to serve. 

Decorate with some dried mushrooms for an added autumnal feel. 

Tuck in with some crusty sourdough and enjoy! 

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  1. Brilliant. Really loved every mouthful of this delicious dish.


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