December 02, 2014

A Night at the Museum

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Having only recently moved to London full time I love discovering fun and unusual things to do.  London is such a fantastic city and has so much to offer, markets during the day, food halls and  galleries in the afternoon and restaurants, bars and events into the night.

Last Friday I decided to pop over to the Natural History Museum. On the last Friday of every month they open late, offer food drink and an evening viewing of the current exhibits and a wander through the galleries.

This after dark experience sounded too good to miss.

To be able able to wander the museum after closing hours and be able to grab a bite to eat if you feel a little peckish sounded like a fantastic idea and one that I had to try.

We arrived just after seven. The famous museum was lit up and looked a little like Hogwarts.

Fairy lights glistened in the surrounding trees as we joined the other visitors for this late night spectacular.

The whole place had such a different feel at night. 

The open space was warm with the smell of mulled wine and mince pies. 

The ceiling glistened... and gilded paintings sparkled down from overhead. 

We tucked into mince pies and wine at the bottom of the steps, we weren't the only ones to have heard about these late nights and the place was starting to fill up with loads of other people with the same idea.

After demolishing our mince pies in record time we wandered off to the surrounding  gallery spaces that were open. 

ooogled at the giant fossils...

and cooed at the size of these baby birds.

This evening is really fantastic, great for a date night or just to bring friends for a slightly different evening out.

Entry is free which is fantastic, you have to pay for food and wine but everything is very reasonable in price and is really worth it.

How often will you be munching mince pies surrounded by dinosaurs?!!

Details of the next late nights can be found here... 

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