December 11, 2014

Chiltern Firehouse - Steak Tartare for Two

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Last night a great friend and I ventured over to the Chiltern Firehouse for our 'Christmas Party'. 

We knew it was going to be a decadent affair so decided that we needed a good reason to justify going to the restaurant (and hotel) of the moment. 

The restaurant is on Chiltern Street, in Marylebone. 

To get to the restaurant you walk through a courtyard, glistening with fairy lights twisted around trees and through the ivy, climbing and covering intimate seating below. 

We booked our table a while ago and went for the early seating of 6:30pm. 

However, this didn't seem to matter as when we arrived the bar and restaurant was already heaving, with lights and decorations festooned everywhere. 

We were taken to our table, and promptly ordered two glasses of wine and a couple of tasters to get us going...

The Corn Bread - it tasted absolutely delicious and came with the fluffiest truffled maple butter. Perfection. 

As we tucked in...

...we started to peruse the menu...

As we decided on the Steak Tartare with a couple of sides, keeping us open to the option of pudding, our second taster, Crab Doughnuts, arrived.

They were mouth-watering, crispy and filled with succulent crab meat.

Really a must. It's no surprise that they are one of the most talked about creations of the head chef Nuno Mendes.

Next came our mini mains. We both went for the steak tartare which was fabulous, creamy, tasty and served with all manner of mini veg and sauce sides to spice it up. 

It comes with crisp bread and the famous Firehouse Hot Sauce, which is pretty hot! (I wouldn't suggest slathering it over everything if you are not a fan of spice or heat...)

We chose two sides, french fries and creamed spinach. 

Not a bad spread for a midweek Christmas party for two!

We chatted and demolished our Tartare over the next hour. Finally whilst rubbing our bellies and feeling surprisingly full, the delectable dessert menu arrived.

I finally settled on the Spiced Pumpkin and Brown Butter Pie, wanting to feel seasonal and Christmassy.

It was wonderfully light, and the cream fluffy and sweet.

We couldn't leave Chiltern without a visit to the most photographed toilet in London. After promptly snapping the infamous secret door (it, as the sign would suggest, leads to a hidden smoking area), we  then mooched on out back through the courtyard and home.

It truly was a great meal, and met all of its high expectations.

We are already planning to go back for lunch when we can sit out and enjoy the beautiful courtyard, though perhaps when the weather warms up...!

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