February 16, 2015

Wine Tasting with Xavier Guillaume

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A couple of weeks ago we ended up one Wednesday evening in the Theatre of Wine,  a small and inconspicuous shop in north London for an evening of wine tasting with wine maker Xavier Guillaume. As you enter the small shop the smell of wine and old corks surrounds you and you step back in time.

We arrived a little early which meant that we could peruse the shelves and have a good snoop before others arrived for the evening ahead.

Books piled in the corners, wines stacked to the ceiling all with their very own hand written label and the stage set with the wines due for tasting that night.

Satisfied with our snoop we sat down to get to grips with our wine list for the evening. As we were early we were offered a glass of wine which got the evening off to a fantastic start.

Xavier was due to go back to Paris that evening, he was everything you could want in a wine maker and extremely knowledgable about all his vintages.

A couple of the wines were of a particularly special vintage, dedicated to his father.

 Both the white and red were deliciously flavoursome. Perfect, paired with the mature Comte cheese that was handed round.

After a few glasses various nibbles were passed round, to enhance and tempt your palette that little bit further. Bread and Comte to go with the Whites and pate and salami to deepen the reds.

A really fantastic way to kick start the end of your week. To find out about future events have a look at their website

Book in advance, people were turned away from this tasting.

 A really great experience. No need to be a connoisseur or anything just a desire to escape for an evening and feel like you are wandering a vineyard!

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