March 02, 2015

Kissing Meringue Kisses

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Making Meringues is always a fun activity and most people really love them as a dessert or a treat. 

This recipe is really easy you just need a good pair of beaters, a piping bag and a mixing bowl. 

For about 15 Kissing Meringue Kisses you will need...

4 egg whites 
200g white caster sugar 
pinch of cream of tartar 

For the butter cream
2oz butter
1 tsp rosewater 
4oz icing sugar 

Start by beating your egg whites and cream of tartar  until stiff peaks form this will take about 5 minutes. 

Then slowly add your sugar, add about a tablespoon at a time and beat each spoonful in thoroughly. 

Continue until you have used all your sugar and your meringue is nice and glossy. 

Pipe your Meringues into neat dollops on some baking parchment and cook in a cool oven, 100C for 2 hours turn the oven off and then leave them in the oven for as long as you can (this will keep them crisp for longer)

Now get on with your butter cream. Mix your rosewater, icing sugar and butter until well combined.

Get a knife and start to stick your meringues together, pick ones that look pretty similar.

I added a bit of pink colouring to some of mine, this is optional as of course is the colour you choose.

Pile high on a plate and enjoy for afternoon tea or a mid morning snack!

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