March 07, 2015

Super Swish and Easy Apple & Stilton Stack Salad

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What better way to show off your new mandolin slicing skills than making a swish 'salad stack' to tuck into as a swanky starter? (Great you might think...) well thats what I thought too...

With the packaging off the mandolin for roughly 4 minutes and having sliced an apple and a half in under a minute things were going well... just as I questioned...

 'ooo I wonder where the safety switch is..' combined with 'ooo the inside of that apple is pretty sliced all thin..'

before I knew it I had well and truly massacred my finger and alas, found no safety switch, just the kitchen bench looking like a murder scene.

After a trip to boots, a bandaged finger and a good pile of sliced apples later I set about assembling my apple slices

To make Salad Stacks for 4 you will need...

6 apples... you can mix and match the best slices for your stacks, the more choice the better.
1 pack of creamy gorgonzola 
1 cup of crushed walnuts 

Very very carefully thinly slice your apples with a mandolin, if you have one, or a knife will do just fine,  and in hindsight probably safer if you are not a regular mandolin user!

Place apple slices under cold water to prevent any browning of the apple flesh. 

Pick the best slices and pile high, then the decoration is up to you.

Scatter or layer up the gorgonzola and then dust with your crumbled walnuts. Add some creamy dressing if you fancy it too. 

Ta Daa!! Super easy, super swish starters for everyone to enjoy and easy on the calories too (if you go easy on the gorgonzola!) 

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  1. This is a perfect starter. I love your photos too. GG


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