May 11, 2015

Melting Chocolate Bombs in Chelsea, (make sure you don't blink)

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Anywhere where this.... promised for dessert I am pretty happy to venture to, be it day, night, brunch or lunch a melting chocolate bomb is not something I would ever miss. 

The decor of this new hot restaurant in Chelsea is right up my street, reminiscent of an old  victorian botanical study come garden you feel transported through time, anything remotely greenhouse or garden themed when it comes to restaurants, teahouses or cafes, I adore. 

Leafy plants stretch out from each corner and tarnished mirrors reflect the ageing beauty captured so well in this place back around you. The Victorian tiled floor adds to this aged beauty and really does make this restaurant interior one to marvel at. 

Now onto the food itself...

Zucchini fritters, 'courgetti', salted and fried is anyones dream, especially with the rise in popularity of the veg-come-pasta alternative so handily accessibly to those who have invested in a spiraliser. (Have a look here...)

Throw the whole lot in some tempura batter and you could still be fooled into the idea that these are a carb substitute (almost!). 

Even if they don't quite fit the 'carb free'  description they are deliciously moreish and you get a large basket of tempura tangles to share. 

Next up... the mains. We asked for the Cripsy Duck salad, advertised as a starter, as a main, a larger portion. 

This was decidedly small and spying other starters around the room we were not entirely convinced this was in-fact a larger portion, however our rather stern waiter ensured us we did have the desired portion size. 

Just as we were tucking in, the waiter insisted on leaning over our table to sort out the blind next to us, this was slightly annoying but never-the-less, despite our 'mains'  being on the small side we knew we had the Chocolate Bomb around the corner and couldn't wait to drizzle that hot sauce over it and watch everything melt deliciously into our spoons.  

Once our plates were whisked away, the chocolate bomb arrived imminently. 

Just as we looked on with glee, our waiter poured the sauce over our bomb and the melting magic was missed, this was such a disappointment! The drizzle, melting shot could have been the money shot!

Just as the last few bits were sitting in the bowl, spoons resting on the sides and waiting to deliciously tuck into that ever important last mouthful our plate was picked up and taken away in the blink of an eye. 

This was quite a surprise and really ruined the the fragile last moments of the meal, especially considering that that is not the cheapest Chocolate Bomb on the market. 

This new hot spot in Chelsea serves good food, be it on the small side but the service is really what lets it down. Talking to a few girlfriends who have also been they say the same so our night couldn't even have been blamed on the excuse of an 'off night' it's a shame that this beautiful restaurant already has such a tarnished reputation having only been opened a few weeks ago.

Perhaps these few mishaps throughout our meal were due to our early sitting and we were being rushed through for the late diners. 

Whatever the reason we left feeling slightly disgruntled, with the few imperfections really sitting with us rather than the food.  

If you want to try and not miss the melting bomb yourself, and see what the service is like for yourself book a table here...

Let me know how you get on and what you think! 

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