May 26, 2015

Ottolenghi's Sesame

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Ottolenghi has opened a new hot spot on Garrick Street in Covent garden that is as delicious as it is beautiful...  ^

Its a simple place, decked out in ochre yellows and royal blues, everything served is bursting with flavour and of course deliciously tasty. As Ottolenghi himself describes it...

 'is inspired by the market stalls and smoking grills of the Middle east'

Every corner of this place has been carefully thought out and while you peruse the shelves serving traditional Lebanese sweets, saffron sugar sticks and sticky dates you can't help but feel lost in another world, totally forgetting bustling Covent garden is just seconds round the corner. 

Your dining options are simple, pick a salad from the side and a pitta or a skewer from the board. 

Eat perched on stools around you or head down to the basement for a little more space and privacy if desired. 

If you are here at lunch time head out to a near by park or if you are here early enough for breakfast by the looks of it they have a cracking menu for that too, sticky molasses yogurt served with mountains of jewelled pomegranate seeds. 

The concept of this place is simple, longing to bring you flavours of the middle east, simply and inexpensively to the centre of London.

Meats covered in delicious rose tinted marinades and sticky sesame sweets pilled up on the counter with the floor and walls tiled spectacularly its a place to get lost in.

Enjoy your pita or skewer in paper bags, 

They are situated just on the street opposite Leicester square tube station, be sure to check sesame out next time you are in the area, if not for food for a tasty coffee... follow them on twitter here... @sesamefood

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