May 28, 2015

Show Stopper Popcorn Cake

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This cake was inspired by Olive Magazine's cover a couple of issues ago. 
I love popcorn and have seen a plethora of these lusciously topped popcorn cakes over Pinterest lately and decided to give it ago myself. 
This cake recipe is super simple, one my mum has passed down to me as fail safe option and a great last minute option too. 

For this cake make up a simple vanilla sponge and then coat pipping hot, freshly popped salted popcorn with a sticky caramel syrup.   
As daunting as making caramel sounds it really is simple and this was my first attempt too, it worked a dream!

For a medium cake, filling two 8 inch cake tins you will need...
8oz self-raising flour 
4 oz butter
4oz sugar 
1tsp baking powder 
4 eggs 
1st vanilla bean paste 

For the sauce (makes extra for ice cream later in the week...or just eating out of the bowl after a hard day, naughty)
1 cup brown sugar 
2 cups water 
300ml double cream 

Start by creaming together your butter and sugar, use beaters or if you are after a mini workout use a wooden spoon... (not a bad idea if you are about to settle down with a cup of tea and slice of this delicious cake in about an hour!) 

Next add your eggs and then your flour and baking powder and mix together until you have a batter consistency. 

Pour evenly into your two greased tins and bake at 180C for about 30-40 mins until golden. 
While you wait for your cake to bake set about popping your popcorn and making your caramel sauce. 

Use about 2/3 cup of popcorn kernels and place a sauce pan with a little oil or butter and allow to pop. Once cooked add a good shake of salt. 

Next put the sugar and water in a pan DO NOT STIR just let the two heat up and bubble fursiously for a good 5 minutes once the bubbles become sticky. As they start to bubble slower take your pan off the heat and whisk in your double creme. This should turn your dark sugar mixture into a soft caramel colour. 

Just before your are about to serve pour 1/3 into the popcorn and mix around until covered in your sticky caramel sauce. 

At this stage you can lay out your popcorn on a baking sheet to let dry and set, if you have time do this as it adds texture to your showstopper. 

If not don't worry too much just serve immediately and pour over the rest of the sauce to get a dramatic drizzle over the sides

Enjoy this cake as an indulgent treat for afternoon tea or a different pudding to serve your guests. 

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  1. Looks fabulous and I am sure tastes just as good as it looks !


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