June 03, 2015

Sawyer & Gray Eggs

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A few weekends ago I was exploring Highbury Corner, a great little gem just north of Angel in north London that has a few great brunch spots.
Sawyer and Gray is just around the corner from the station and is a little haven of good eggs, flakey pastries, melting brownies and fantastic cookware.
Once inside, you will probably be lead down the stairs at the back and into the basment, full of cubby holes stuffed with cusions and next to the heart of this place.... ^   the kitchen.
Peruse the menu with a coffee....
 and debate the eggs vs the baked figs on toast or the avocado soudough.
If I had had my way I would have had all three, but alas was left to umm and ahh for a good few minutes testing the patience of my other half. Of course he decided at first glance on the eggs and that was it. Although you would think he would be used to this undecicevness by now!
Avo eggs it was...

It was fantastic, eggs cooked in that 'only a restaunt can' kinda way where they have a great shape, are moist and full of flavour.
This is a great, hidden spot in Highbury with really delicious eggs and even better pastries, if you haven't had your fill of eggs take a pastry with for the journey home as they really are too good to miss!

Heres a virtual street view for you and their website here...

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