June 26, 2015

Supper at Spuntino's

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If you only go to this place for a drink and a tarnished goblet full of their deepfried stuffed olives you will not be disappointed.
 If you have an extra half an hour, order dessert, the Dutch Baby that is on offer is, I think the best dessert I have ever set eyes on and demolished.
If you can give up a whole evening, go.all.out.
The food here is simple but often with a hidden twist. The buttermilk fried chicken is crispy and juicy and the aubergine chips (eggplant for you americans ot there) are ridiculously moreish, chunky and a fantastic chip alternative.
If you have heard of Polpo (i went here last year, have a peak here...) this little gem in the heart of Soho is Polpos little sister. From the outside you probably wouldn't dare enter.
 Rusty iron clad glass windows and a cadged menu, make you feel like you could be entering to a dark dungeon.
 Once you have braved to step over the threshold, head to the back. They have a large sky light in the ceiling which lets the light flood in, a little haven from the rest of the dark interior.
Perch on benches and start persuing the menu.
Nibble on some of the special fried stuffed olives as you do.
The menu is packed full of small dishes. Their ethos, as with Polpo, is sharing/tapas/everyone pick and choose.
We went for...
Buttermilk chicken,
Steak tare tare
Aubergine chips
Salt beef fritters
Just look at that egg oozing over the tastiest tare tare...^

See below for the full spread in all its glory. As you can see it is pretty dark but this just adds to the whole atmosphere of this fanstatic italian-style tapas restaurant.
The aubergine chips with the shiniest ebony skin were mouth watering. Really the perfect chip. Deliciosly crispy on the outside and melt in the mouth. These of course also don't have the added carb guilt!

Now for the real showstoppers.
Rubbing bellies we leaned back to peruse the puddings. With a helping hand from our friendly waiter we were assured that the 'Dutch baby' the Brooklyn Toast and the Peanut Butter Jelly Sarnies were all a must.

Boy was he right... just look at that...

It is as tall as it is wide, picture a yorkshire pud but a fluffy, puffy sweet yorkshire pud, coated in sugar with ice cream just melting in the middle. Amazing

Next up the peanut-butter jelly sandwhich. Bread disguised as ice cream is always a good idea and this had been spread with sticky homemade peanut butter and juicy rasberry and strawberry compote with toasted peanut brittle sprinkled over the top.  
A different take on dessert but really delicious and not one that I would have picked without our helpful waiter.

Last up Brooklyn toast. Another winner and one that you could have for brunch, dinner or dessert! Delicious french toast coated in egg and dusted liberally in sugar, served sandwiched around homemade nutella icecream.

 If that isnt enough to temp your taste buds I dont know what is! It a treat meal, everything is delicious, tasty and extremely reasonably priced.

Find their website here and wander in one evening pre or post theatre or as a welcome break from some shopping.

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