July 19, 2015

Sticky strawberry Tarts

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This time of year calls for strawberries! Strawberries freshly picked, strawberries soaked in balsamic and whipped with cream, strawberries whizzed into a coulis and enjoyed smoothered over vanilla ice-cream...the possibilites are endless and at this time of year,  so is access to strawberries!

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I find there is nothing more delicious at this time of year than nestling down in the warm evening with friends and loved ones and just dipping your freshly picked strawberry crop into some vanilla whipped cream.

This simple pudding really is as easy as a pudding can get. I wanted to make up a dish with everyones favourite berry that would take half an hour from start to serve.

For this extremely simple, tasty dessert all you need is...

1 ready puff sheet

x2 strawberry punnets

1/3 cup icing sugar

1 egg beaten

To start get settled, get your strawberries washed and laid out, grab a sharp knife (with care!) and thinly slice your strawberries. If you can you want the nice distinct shape of a sliced strawberry in every slice but not to worry if some come out a bit wonky you can layer these up with a few hero* slices on top.

*Hero - the term for a food item when you cut, slice, cook or assemble in a particular way and a certain slice, angle, photograph comes out looking so fabulous you want to jump for joy.

Now unwrap your pre bought puff pastry, you can make this yourself if you feel up to the challenge but pre made stuff is really easy and you can get it pretty much anywhere.

Cut one sheet into three and layer your strawberry slices onto. Leave about an inch of space around the strawberries.

Coat the left over exposed pastry with a beaten egg, this will give your tarts a glossy finish.

Place in a pre-heated oven for about 25/30 mins at 180C.  Once baked and golden dust liberally with icing sugar while warm and then again just as you are about to serve.


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