August 24, 2015

Brown Butter Grilled Peach Pavlova

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As summer is drawing to a close, those long evenings are getting shorter and there is a noticable chill in the air there is nothing better than letting summer go out with a bang by throwing a little end of summer gathering.
Sit on rugs (or wrap in rugs !!) and feast on the last of the summer harvest as the sun sets.

 Cook up a storm in the kitchen with as many summer fruits and veggies as possible and if the rain holds off fire up the BBQ and enjoy a late summer feast with friends in the garden before we have to spend the next few months sheltering inside from the rain and surviving on stews!

This brown butter peach pavlova is a twist on the summer berry original and truly delicious, it is a great BBQ pud as everyone can tuck in and if you make a big one there will be plenty for seconds.

Butteryglazed peaches sit proudly ontop of a decadent whipped cream cloud with a crunchy, chewy meringue base.

For a large pavlova for 12 you will need...
10 peaches
100g butter
6 egg whites
350g sugar
pinch cream of tartar
2tsp white wine vinegar
1pt pot of double cream
1tsp vanilla extract

Once you have whisked up your merigne for form stiff peaks (about 5/10 minutes) dollop onto a lined baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 1 hour 20 mins at 150C.
I then turn off the oven and leave my meringue sitting in the warm oven untill i am ready to assemble later (just don't forget and start pre heating your oven for a roast!)  

Now whip up your cream untill nicely whipped and workable, you must be able to dollop and manipulate your cream, you don't want it to run all over the place & ruin your showstopper.

Whip your cream up slowly though, if you do it to fast it will become too stiff before you know it you will have butter!

Now your cream is whipped your merigue is cooling set about making your buttery peach topping. I used about 10 peaches.

 Cut into quarters and place onto a hot griddle with lots of butter bubbling nicely.

 Place you peaches on carfully and once placed try not to move them as you want to get that griddle effect on thier fleshy middles. The griddle also adds a fantastic summery flavour.

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